IBM has been an industry leader in offering a full spectrum of content management services through their feature rich platforms, including IBM® FileNet® Content Manager, IBM® Content Manager OnDemand, and IBM® Datacap. However, managing these platforms along with the data that resides within them is often demanding of enterprise content management (ECM) systems administrators and ECM management. They struggle to gain visibility using general purpose system monitoring tools on the specifics of their ECM applications’ performance and spend significant amounts of time troubleshooting ongoing performance issues and tracking down its root cause. The lack of expertise in management and monitoring can also escalate to costly service interruptions that impact productivity and ROI.

Assuring optimized performance of ECM platforms is Reveille Software, with its namesake platform. The company enables ECM optimization through intelligent insights and comprehensive management of the underlying ECM assets by providing out-of-the-box capabilities, including monitors, dashboards, proactive remediation, performance and service level management.

“Our packaged approach with agentless, out-of-the-box capabilities support, manage, and monitor ECM platforms to ensure sustained productivity and help businesses achieve maximum operational excellence,” says Robert Estes, President & CEO of Reveille.

Reveille provides context-specific capabilities, including metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure comprehensive visibility and prevention of critical events in IBM content management platforms. This visibility enables clients to accelerate problem identification and resolution across mission-critical applications that automate processes, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, harness unstructured content, and connect it to the core enterprise applications used daily.

Reveille’s active and preventive monitoring and accessibility to granular daily threshold-based metrics also make it easy for real-time decision-making. Clients can utilize this information to detect suspicious behavior, unusual activity from insider threats, and unauthorized users accessing the content.

“Reveille sends proactive alerts of degrading conditions when they occur, reducing surprise impacts causing ongoing bridge calls that extend manual recovery workflows,” says Brian DeWyer, Cofounder and CTO of Reveille. “Reveille can even automate specific ECM recovery actions to eliminate processing bottlenecks.”

Further, by detecting an unusual content security event or issue, Reveille enables clients to quickly take recovery actions to the point of cause on a hardware device or software. Clients can even disable user access to a primary IBM application, recover from issues, and pass that information onto other common IT applications and incident management

As an agentless solution, Reveille ensures the IBM content management systems have very high service levels and deep observability. The solution’s intelligent auto-discovery functionality also identifies ancillary configuration and connection information to create data collection profiles specific to the systems’ environments. This helps in the easy and quick implementation of the solution without a heavy services footprint or professional services involvement, further reducing the amount of time and effort required to maintain IBM environments. When Reveille is implemented, over a hundred prebuilt tests specific to Datacap, FileNet, and other platforms and REST API allow rapid integration with the IT systems.

“Reveille sends proactive alerts to degrading conditions when they occur, reducing surprise impacts causing ongoing bridge calls that extend manual recovery workflows” says Robert Estes, President & CEO of Reveille.

Instances of Reveille’s success stories are plenty. One such case was the performance optimization of the ECM platform for a large US national bank that was utilizing multiple content management systems. The client had subscribed to different providers such as IBM and OpenText and was struggling with support issues and inconsistent performance of their systems. The bank had also tried manual checking and server-level monitoring of their ECM environment, which was expensive and complex. Using Reveille for active monitoring and performance optimizations, they saved a minimum of six man-hours over three shifts a day and designate their efforts and
resources to other activities.

Many such stories drive Reveille to continually enhance their offerings and improve customer experience. With their packaged approach, Reveille brings simplicity and straightforwardness to ECM performance optimization in a cost-efficient and time-sensitive way.

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