Reveille with Microsoft Azure

If your content services are on the cloud, they still need to be managed. Reveille is designed to maximize native Azure services.

Take advantage of Azure services and communication layers

Reveille and Azure<br />

Reveille supports operation in Microsoft Azure. Reveille’s full capability is featured within this environment, including:
  • ^Reveille collectors in Azure and Reveille servers on-premises
  • ^Reveille collectors on-premises and Reveille server in Azure
  • ^Monitoring Azure Blob storage performance and availability
  • ^Notifications using Azure Communication Services (ACS)
  • ^Support for Azure SQL databases
  • ^Publish Reveille metrics to Azure Monitor
  • ^Reveille event integration with Azure Sentinel (SIEM)
  • ^Reveille Event Integration with Azure Log
  • ^Microsoft 365 email server support using OAuth 2 authorization
  • ^Power BI support with Reveille data connectors