Reveille for Hyland Alfresco

Gain visibility into Alfresco and keep critical processes running.

Reveille for Hyland Alfresco
  • Cloud, on-Prem, or Hybrid Deployment
  • Configure / No Code
  • Agentless

Reveille ensures the continuous optimal performance of Hyland Alfresco through agentless monitoring and management.

Have complete Alfresco visibility and resolve issues early

Get instant insight into Alfresco with over 50 pre-configured monitors tailored to cover specific Alfresco components, including:

  • Check Alfresco welcome page
  • Check Alfresco system ready probe
  • Check Alfresco system live probe
  • Check Alfresco system version
  • More
  • Check PostgreSQL service
  • Check Alfresco PostgreSQL database
  • Check Alfresco PostgreSQL database size
  • Check Alfresco PostgreSQL database deadlocks
  • More
Client Performance
  • Check Check Alfresco web client login, search retrieve existing document, and logout
  • More
  • Check Alfresco system health
  • Check Alfresco search core health
  • Check Alfresco search thread health and metrics
  • More
Content Services
  • Authenticate to Alfresco content services
  • Create a folder in Alfresco content services
  • Create a document in Alfresco content services
  • Delete a document in Alfresco content services
  • More
  • Check failed transactions for Alfresco web client
  • Check documents access count for Alfresco web client
  • Check same user different IP for Alfresco web client
  • Check suspicious transactions for Alfresco web client
  • More
  • Check Alfresco database server connectivity
  • Check Alfresco content server connectivity
  • Check Alfresco search server connectivity
  • Check Alfresco transform server connectivity
  • More

Save time with automation and 7/24 monitoring

Say goodbye to tedious checklists and repetitive manual tasks just to ensure that Alfresco is functioning. Gain visibility of issues at their earliest point without searching.
  • ^Automate proactive actions to resolve issues
  • ^See the real-time performance and health of Alfresco in a single view
  • ^Efficiently report on Alfresco performance and monitoring

Leverage a purpose-built Alfresco monitoring tool

reveille platform process

Reveille is primed for rapid deployment and insight into Alfresco. Auto-discover and Alfresco wizards have monitors running in minutes.

  • ^Deployable in days
  • ^No coding
  • ^Agentless
  • ^5-10X less cost than building your own Alfresco monitors in-house

Know if real Alfresco user activity is responsive

Hyland Alfresco User Analytics continuously observes the user document management experience within your entire Alfresco environment.

  • ^Report real user response time usage and service level issues
  • ^Detect and alert personnel of suspicious user activity
  • ^Reduce mean time to threat detection and time to respond by correlating user, repository, and infrastructure information

Connect Alfresco insights into your environment

Enterprise Integration for ECM

Out-of-the-box, Reveille offers an integrated notification and data access subsystem that supports over 25 native connectors to common event correlation, collaboration channels, and incident management systems.

Common Alfresco use cases

  • ^How can I measure Alfresco performance?
  • ^How can we reduce MTTR for Alfresco related issues?
  • ^Can we know responsiveness for Alfresco users?

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