Reveille for Tungsten RPA (Kofax)

Maximize your Tungsten RPA investment by knowing service level performance of your robots.

Reveille for Hyland OnBase
  • Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid Deployment
  • Configure / No Code
  • Agentless

Reveille for Tungsten RPA provides agentless management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the continued health and productivity of Tungsten RPA platforms. Manage robots at scale, know performance, and have automated notifications when issues occur. 

Have complete Tungsten RPA visibility and resolve issues early

Gain immediate visibility and get ahead of issues with pre-configured monitors that provide coverage specific to Tungsten RPA components, including:

  • Check RPA robot operations
  • Check RPA robot messages
  • Check RPA robot exceptions
  • Check RPA robot execution time
  • More
  • Check failed transactions for RPA management console
  • Check unusual transaction activity for RPA management console
  • Check suspicious transactions for RPA management console
  • More
  • Check RPA management console login
  • Check RPA thin client validation login
  • Check RPA thick client login
  • Check RPA kapplets login
  • More
  • Check insight data service
  • Check insight platform services
  • Check insight staging database
  • Check insight admin database
  • More
  • Check number of running robots
  • check number of queued robots
  • Check total number of robot executions
  • Check number of rejected robot executions
  • More
Document Transformation
  • Check RPA DT batch count
  • Check RPA DT batches/hour
  • Check RPA DT currently running extraction process count
  • Check RPA DT document count
  • More
  • Check RPA server free space
  • Check RPA server memory
  • Check RPA server CPU utilization
  • Check RPA services
  • More
  • Check RPA SQL server services
  • Check RPA management console database
  • Check RPA management console database size
  • Check kapplets database
  • More

Manage Kofax RPA administration in one place with efficiency

Beyond operating KPI’s, Reveille provides understanding and management of Kofax RPA Administration console user activity and user behavior. Reveille gathers this information using patented collectors to provide the following:

  • ^Continuously observe the actual based user RPA management console experience.
  • ^Rapidly identify RPA management console user response time service level issues.
  • ^Detect suspicious or abnormal user behavior indicating a possible RPA Administration system access breach from insider threats.
  • ^Detect, respond, and contain RPA system administration intrusions with leading endpoint detection solution integration options such as Microsoft Defender for EndPoint.

Connect Tungsten RPA insights into your environment

Enterprise Integration for ECM

Out-of-the-box, Reveille offers an integrated notification and data access subsystem that supports over 25 native connectors to common event correlation, collaboration channels, and incident management systems.

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