Reveille for Hyland OnBase

Get comprehensive monitoring for the entire OnBase stack to ensure services stay on.

Reveille for Hyland OnBase
  • Hyland OnBase 18 and above (EPx)
  • Cloud, on-Prem, or Hybrid Deployment
  • Configure / No Code
  • Agentless
Reveille ensures the ongoing health of Hyland OnBase with agentless monitoring and management.

Know OnBase issues early with complete visibility

Gain immediate visibility into OnBase with 60+ pre-configured monitors that provide coverage specific to OnBase components, including:

  • Check OnBase services
  • Check OnBase AppNet
  • Check OnBase AppServer
  • Check OnBase Web Services
  • More
  • Check connectivity of OnBase Application Server
  • Check connectivity off OnBase Database Server
  • Check connectivity of OnBase File Server
  • Check connectivity of OnBase LOB Server
  • More
  • Check OnBase SQL Server services
  • Check OnBase Database
  • Check OnBase Database size
  • Check OnBase Database Backup
  • More
Client Performance
  • Check OnBase Web Client Login, Search, Retrieve, and Logout
  • Check OnBase Unity Client Login
  • Check OnBase Unity Client Retrieve Existing Document
  • Check OnBase Unity Client Logout
  • More
Capture Metrics
  • Check external batches in Brainware Capture
  • Check untouched document count
  • Check document count
  • Check documents awaiting export
  • More
System Processing
  • Check disk groups
  • Check uncommitted batches
  • Check incomplete commits
  • Check disk group locks
  • More
  • Check OnBase user activty levels
  • Check tasks execution by user
  • Check status of deleted invoices
Unity Client
  • Check OnBase Unity Client login
  • Check OnBase Unity Client import document
  • Check OnBase Unity Client retrieve document
  • Check OnBase Unity Client delete document
  • More

Save time with automation and 7/24 monitoring

Eliminate checklists and repetitive manual tasks just to ensure OnBase is functioning. Gain visibility of issues at their earliest point without searching.
  • ^Automate proactive actions to resolve issues
  • ^See the real-time performance and health of OnBase in a single view
  • ^Efficiently report on OnBase performance and monitoring

Leverage a purpose-built OnBase monitoring tool

reveille platform process

Reveille is primed for rapid deployment and insight into OnBase. Auto-discover and OnBase wizards have monitors running in minutes.

  • ^Deployable in days
  • ^No coding
  • ^Agentless
  • ^5-10X less cost than building your own OnBase monitors in-house

Know if real OnBase user activity is responsive

Hyland OnBase User Analytics continuously observes the user document management experience within your entire OnBase environment.

  • ^Report real user response time usage and service level issues
  • ^Detect and alert personnel of suspicious user activity
  • ^Reduce mean time to threat detection and time to respond by correlating user, repository, and infrastructure information

Connect OnBase insights into your environment

Enterprise Integration for ECM

Out-of-the-box, Reveille offers an integrated notification and data access subsystem that supports over 25 native connectors to common event correlation, collaboration channels, and incident management systems.

Common OnBase use cases

  • ^How can I measure OnBase performance?
  • ^How can we reduce MTTR for OnBase related issues?
  • ^Can we know responsiveness for OnBase users?

Reveille for Hyland OnBase Resources

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Mastering OnBase: Best Practices for Management and Monitoring

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