Reveille for Tungsten Capture (Kofax)

Provide comprehensive visibility to your capture environment and actively avoid process errors.

Reveille for Kofax Capture
  • Cloud, on-Prem, or Hybrid Deployment
  • Configure / No Code
  • Agentless

Reveille for Tungsten Capture provides agentless management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the continued health of Tungsten Capture platforms. Proactively manage your environment to avoid capture operation issues.

Kofax Capture Environment managed and monitored by Reveille

Avoid downtime with complete visibility

Kofax Capture Environment managed and monitored by Reveille

Gain immediate visibility and get ahead of issues with 60+ pre-configured monitors that provide coverage specific to Tungsten Capture components, including:

Capture Metrics
  • Queue counts are too low or too high
  • Batch count for overall system is too high
  • Batch time in system is too long
  • Un-attended modules are processing work too slowly
  • More
  • License server is responding to license requests
  • SNMP is returning MIB counter values for Kofax Capture
  • File folder cache file path is accessible
  • KCNS web server is serving web pages
  • More
Remote Site
  • Remote site can be pinged
  • Remote site batch count is too high
  • More
Capture Licensing
  • Volume licenses available page count is too low
  • Station use is too high
  • Backup license server is available
  • More
Web Services Import Connector
  • Ping web service server
  • Import connector web services is responding
  • Import Connector web services is running
  • Number of XML error files in error directory
  • More
Email Import Connector
  • Ping email server
  • Import connector email service is running
  • Check mail box for number of items
  • More
  • Kofax Capture database is responding to query
  • Check database services are running
  • More
  • KTA web servers available
  • KTA application servers available
  • KTA database servers available
  • KTA transformation servers available
  • More

Save time with automation and 7/24 monitoring

Eliminate checklists and repetitive manual tasks just to ensure Tungsten Capture is functioning. Gain visibility of issues at their earliest point without searching.
  • ^Automate proactive actions to resolve issues
  • ^See the real-time performance and health of Tungsten Capture in a single view
  • ^Efficiently report on Tungsten Capture performance and monitoring

Connect Kofax insights into your environment

Enterprise Integration for ECM

Out-of-the-box, Reveille offers an integrated notification and data access subsystem that supports over 25 native connectors to common event correlation, collaboration channels, and incident management systems.

Common Kofax Capture use cases

  • ^We need to detect and resolve hung batches ASAP
  • ^Are batches processed within SLA terms?
  • ^Are batches created in a timely manner?

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