Reveille Connectors

Connect Enterprise Content Management insights into your environment.

  • Cloud, on-Prem, or Hybrid
  • Configure / No Code
  • Easy deployment
  • Historical reports/dashboards

Seamless integration into any environment

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Reveille connects with your IT Operations Management (ITOM) Toolsets, Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEMs), Incident Management Systems, Collaboration Tools, Data Visualization and Analytics Tools. This includes:
  • Power BI

  • Splunk

  • PagerDuty

  • Slack Channel

  • Teams Channel

  • Web Services or REST

  • ServiceNow

  • Proprietary Ticketing Applications

  • Windows Event Log

  • Write to File

  • Email

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) Or Native API Interface
Facilitate relevant data to the appropriate stakeholders. Reduce mean time to repair.

Connect ECM visibility into widely used tools

IT Operations teams and security teams can continue to use their existing tools with adding critical information from Reveille. Pinpoint and communicate:

  • ^ECM/Content Services process issues
  • ^Infrastructure issues
  • ^Connectivity issues
  • ^User performance issues
  • ^User access issues

ECM visibility into your current IT investments

Reveille provides over 120 REST methods (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) to administer, control operation, and query Reveille operation, configuration, metrics, and status.

The Reveille REST API service methods are available for use on a Reveille Server using normal HTTP/S protocols and OAuth 2 authorization.

Already have monitors? Think your ECM is covered?


Reveille optimizes your ECM’s ROI.

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Reveille Platform

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