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Challenges for Healthcare & Life Sciences

As healthcare & life science digitize operations, processes tied to content must perform to avoid costly delays. This means visibility and confidence in the performance of processes such as:
  • ^Cross organizational accessibility key data
  • ^Capturing unstructured data without delay
  • ^In-house tools lack insight and early warning for ECM issues
  • ^Patient, provider and customer impact with poor performance
  • ^Users experiencing slow/non-responsive content applications
  • ^Costly MTTD and MTTR

Proactively maintain the health of your content processes

Reveille monitors and manages all components of healthcare and life science ECM application stacks. However your documents are captured, organized, and distributed in an ECM, Reveille observes and manages every aspect:
  • ^Real user
  • ^ECM system
  • ^Infrastructure
  • ^Database
  • ^Storage
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Healthcare & Life Science Success Stories

Biopharmaceutical company reduces application outages