Reveille for Tungsten TotalAgility (Kofax)

Provide comprehensive visibility to your capture environment and actively avoid process errors.

Reveille for Kofax TotalAgility
  • Cloud, on-Prem, or Hybrid Deployment
  • Configure / No Code
  • Agentless

Reveille for Tungsten TotalAgility provides agentless management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the continued health of Tungsten TotalAglilty platforms. Proactively manage and connect Tungsten TotalAgility insight within your environment. 

Have complete Tungsten visibility and resolve issues early

KTA Environment Managed and Monitored

Gain immediate visibility and get ahead of issues with 60+ pre-configured monitors that provide coverage specific to TotalAgility components, including:

Operating Performance
  • Check KTA core worker tasks taken
  • Check KTA core worker threads active
  • Check KTA core worker items in thread pool
  • Check KTA search and matching server
  • More
Import Connector
  • Check KTA email inbox access
  • Check KTA email folder item count
  • Check KTA import folder file age count
  • Check KTA import connector status
  • More
  • Check KTA workspace login
  • Check KTA designer access
  • Check KTA SDK interface
  • Check KTA device manager interface
  • More
  • Check KTA server free space
  • Check KTA services
  • Check KTA web server
  • Check KTA license service is responding
  • More
  • Check KTA report data aging
  • Check KTA report data record count
  • More
  • Check SQL server services
  • Check KTA database
  • Check KTA documents database
  • Check KTA reporting database
  • More
WCF Service Metrics
  • Check Check KTA WCF service metrics
  • More
  • KTA web servers available
  • KTA application servers available
  • KTA database servers available
  • KTA transformation servers available
  • More

Save time with automation and 7/24 monitoring

Eliminate checklists and repetitive manual tasks just to ensure TotalAgility is functioning. Gain visibility of issues at their earliest point without searching.
  • ^Automate proactive actions to resolve issues
  • ^See the real-time performance and health of TotalAgility in a single view
  • ^Efficiently report on TotalAgility performance and monitoring

Leverage a purpose-built TotalAgility monitoring tool

reveille platform process

Reveille is primed for rapid deployment and insight into TotalAgility. Auto-discover and TotalAgility wizards have monitors running in minutes.

  • ^Deployable in days
  • ^No coding
  • ^Agentless
  • ^5-10X less cost than building your own OnBase monitors in-house

Connect TotalAgility insights into your environment

Enterprise Integration for ECM

Out-of-the-box, Reveille offers an integrated notification and data access subsystem that supports over 25 native connectors to common event correlation, collaboration channels, and incident management systems.

Common TotalAgility use cases

  • ^We need to detect and resolve hung batches ASAP
  • ^Are batches processed within SLA terms?
  • ^Are batches created in a timely manner?

Reveille for Tungsten TotalAgility Resources

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