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Reveille helps you See, Know, and Protect your content applications – anywhere

With Reveille’s real-time user data, dashboards, and sophisticated end-user reporting, business and IT managers gain deep insight and context to make better decisions and improve overall performance, stability, and security of their content services applications.  Reveille helps customers optimize business processes, improve information management, and become more intelligent, connected enterprises.

Our Expertise

Reveille is trusted by more than 200 Fortune 500 companies to manage and protect their most valuable digital assets.

Finance & Insurance



Data Center & SaaS Providers


Customer success

We proudly support more than 400 companies worldwide. Customers all around the world and across major industries use Reveille to solve serious problems with their content services platform. Many of the top global brands trust us to bring them the insight and control required to manage their complexity.

Security + Insight

We provide user analytics, bringing clarity to how your apps and content are being used, enforcing deeper security and insight.

Improved Performance

We improve application performance and ensure uptime across platforms.

Easier Access

We provide easier access to everything happening in your content services platform, cutting down the time spent on compliance and audit.

Deeper Visibility

We provide deep usage visibility making sure you stay ahead of planning and reporting issues for your private content cloud.

6 of the top 10 Financial Institutions

An online mortgage lender processing 2,000+ document types and 70 million pages annually was able to accelerate time to resolution by 97% by gaining visibility and remediation over their capture process.

7 of the Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies

A global pharmaceutical manufacturer is locking down their content services applications by tracking document access, identifying suspicious behavior, and improper use of system accounts.

Top Global & Engineering Companies

An international provider of power generation and transmission services supporting over 3,000 business-critical engineering document control application users across the world measures application adoption, service levels, and document transaction activity for senior management reporting.

Top Global Insurance Companies

A global insurer supporting 1,000+ users across varying content services applications from OpenText and IBM is now able to proactively spot issues and has trimmed manual overhead by 70 hours per week allowing them to move resources to higher-value projects.

Local & State Governments

 A large state government with 1,000+ users is tracking behavior across multiple repositories to spot abnormalities and suspicious activity to harden security and avoid data leakage.


Companies of all sizes and challenges lean on Reveille to crack open the black box that is their increasingly complex content services platform while providing them unparalleled control to ensure the health, security, adoption and sustainability of their critical investments.

Reveille (Rev-Uh-Lee) n.

A signal or wake-up call sounded to alert military personnel for assembly.

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