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The only agentless solution purpose-built for your content management needs 

Trying to manage the performance, security, adoption and compliance of enterprise content systems like OpenText Documentum, Content Suite, Captiva, InfoArchive, xPression and EnCase can be difficult. 

Reveille’s powerful, purpose-built solution that provides visibility and control over your OpenText content platforms and EnCase endpoints. Our specialized monitoring of ECM and CSP applications goes well beyond general-purpose monitoring, providing context and detailed insight into the performance, adoption, planning, user behavior, security and audit of customer business-critical content stacks.


Ensuring a great overall customer experience – whether they be internal or external – remains a top priority for many organizations. A bottleneck with document retrieval not only hurts productivity, it can also impair service delivery and increase user frustration. We help customers detect performance issues and improve mean time to recover. This is critical for response-time expectations and application adoption. On the capture side, customers use us to verify capture to repository connections and enable automated connection recovery to meet end-end processing windows. They also rely on us to ensure high availability for EIM app access.

Content Security

Detect, speed investigation of and reduce the impact of a content breach. Reveille’s Content Security for EnCase™ provides the ability to reduce the mean-time-to-detect threats, accelerate response, and take immediate action. Flag and investigate suspicious activity, shut down access and permissions of the compromised account, isolate the corrupted device, disable the rogue user, and automatically populate a new security event for full investigation and response by the Information Security team.


With security concerns topping the agenda of every boardroom, customers are constantly looking for ways to harden security, including at the CSP app level. With our solution, “real-time” visibility comes out of the box with CSP transaction context. This is a powerful tool for our customers because the immediacy of that data represents hours of costs savings and time savings from not having to get into low-level historical web log analysis. We also help customers heighten breach awareness (mean time to detection) by identifying possible suspicious CSP app access — helping to answer critical questions like: Are system accounts being used in production? Is there unusual document activity based on an established baseline? etc. Customers get peace of mind from knowing we can also act as the last line of defense, shutting down user access based on conditions set by the business.


For many customers, audits and the burden of proof to show compliance represent a significant pain point. They use us for compliance reporting — to easily show what documents are being accessed as part of the regulated business process. Scheduled reports are a pain-free way to show that these organizations are following standard operating procedures for internal audit requests or a number of regulations (SOX, GDPR Article 30: Records of Processing Activities, and others). Each role in an organization usually has standard access patterns for digital assets. Using user behavior intelligence, it’s simple to track deviations, especially as people change positions. We provide clear answers to some of the toughest audit questions.

Explore Reveille Content Security And Performance Solutions for OpenText

OpenText Content Suite

Repositories like OpenText Content Suite are the vaults where businesses lock away their content for safe keeping, reachable only by those who know the secret passcode and how to navigate its complex tunnels to find the treasure.

But even the best vaults have their faults. Users can’t track or extract what they can’t find, and unattended reserves of valuable information have a habit of attracting ne’er-do-wells. Let Reveille stand guard at the gates, act as an agentless steward of important content and fend off uninvited guests.

But when impending asset downtime and unauthorized activity threaten to upset operations, security or customer experience, Reveille has you covered. Get the active insight necessary to spot worrisome user patterns and actually do something about them. Preserve the sanctity and functionality of your ever-growing repository.

OpenText Documentum

Documentum transforms your content into a thriving repository ecosystem teeming with life and intelligence. As entries are organized and accessed with ease, Documentum expands the capabilities of your business and the depths of your decision-making.

But when impending asset downtime and unauthorized activity threaten to upset operations, security or customer experience, Reveille has you covered. Get the active insight necessary to spot worrisome user patterns and actually do something about them. Preserve the sanctity and functionality of your ever-growing repository.

OpenText Captiva

If you have OpenText Captiva, chances are you’ve also got a content services platform full of different sources and targets, as well as unique resourcing demands and error codes to memorize for each one.

Reveille visualizes the breadth of OpenText Captiva’s functionality from a higher vantage point, with deep context, so users see all, know all and fix all at the very beginning without jamming up content services processes downstream.

OpenText InfoArchive

InfoArchive helps unify your structured and unstructured data, preserving the value of your content while helping your organization stay compliant. With the high volume of business-critical transactions and records that are ingested, how can you ensure operational health and a consistent, reliable experience for your users?

With Reveille, get comprehensive monitors to track, diagnose, repair and report on InfoArchive specific operational exceptions. Preserve the auditability and defensibility of your records with active insight into user activity at the application transaction and platform level.

OpenText Content Security for EnCase™

While endpoint detection and response is the last line of defense to keep sensitive data behind the firewall, are you doing what you can to protect your ‘crown jewels’ from the inside out?

EnCase™ Endpoint Security and Content Security by Reveille enable complete enterprise level content security to protect the digital assets that are most valuable to your organization. Our advanced content security solution brings security closer to the information that InfoSec teams are tasked with protecting. Users can quickly see if compromised hosts are accessing, editing, or corrupting content stored in repositories.

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