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Performance, Analytics & Content Security for Microsoft Office 365 Tools

Real collaboration means building off each other’s ideas to reach a common objective. Companies all over the world, large and small, use SharePoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive to manage collaborative projects of every size and accomplish everything they set their minds to.

Reveille’s here to make sure you never stop working as one. We help Microsoft collaboration tools users uncover the nuances of how they collaborate and rewrite the book on what their content services are capable of achieving.


Ensuring a great overall user experience –for internal or external users – is a top priority for many organizations. A bottleneck with document retrieval not only hurts productivity, it can also impair service delivery and increase user frustration. Reveille helps customers detect performance issues and improve mean time to recovery. This is critical for response-time expectations and application adoption.

Reveille for Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive delivers unmatched, comprehensive monitors, beyond traditional web monitoring options, to track, diagnose, repair, and report the complete CSP operational environment – with application specific metrics and user behavior visibility.


Content Security

With security concerns topping the agenda of every boardroom, customers are constantly looking for ways to harden security, including at the CSP app level. With Reveille, “real-time” visibility comes out of the box with transaction context.

Reveille’s real-time user behavior analytics are included out of the box with deep transaction context to:

  • Stop Unwanted User Behavior and Access
  • Protect High-Value, Business-Critical Content
  • Audit Access for Compliance Reporting

Reveille’s API integration with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) provides the ability to understand how the user relates to business application to flag and investigate suspicious activity, and terminate access, isolate the device and disable the user if warranted to reduce the impact of a content breach.


Streamline License Management


For many customers, audits and the burden of proof to show compliance represent a significant pain point. Reveille provides clear answers to some of the toughest audit questions.

With Reveille’s built-in user behavior intelligence, it’s simple to track user access and behavior deviations, especially as people change positions. Reveille documents what content is being accessed and by whom as part of the regulated business process. Reveille’s scheduled reports are a pain-free way to show that your organization is following standard operating procedures for internal audit requests and is in compliance with industry regulations (SOX, GDPR Article 30: Records of Processing Activities, and others).


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