A Better OnBase is Always Possible

Hyland OnBase is a powerful content services platform that empowers organizations to streamline their document management and workflow processes. However, successfully managing and monitoring OnBase is essential to ensuring the system’s performance, security, and reliability. In this blog, we’ll explore 5 best practices to help administrators and IT teams achieve excellence in managing and monitoring their OnBase environment.

1. Maintain a Healthy Governance Strategy:

It’s not only developing a governance strategy for managing Hyland OnBase, but maintaining, revising, and keeping it in practice. This includes a framework of policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities to ensure the responsible and compliant use of the OnBase system within an organization. Maintain comprehensive policies and procedures that cover various aspects of OnBase usage, including data access and security, user roles and permissions, document retention, compliance requirements, and system configuration. Implement monitoring and auditing processes to track system usage, performance, and security. Regularly review these reports to identify anomalies and areas for improvement.

2. Give your Security a Second Look:

Ensure your OnBase environment is configured with strong access controls, user permissions, and encryption protocols. Regularly review and audit security settings to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities. Security questions to consider include; do we have visibility into content access? How can we be alerted if suspicious or irregular activity occurs in the context of OnBase user activity?

3. Invest in Proactivity – Know Before OnBase Issues Impact Business Users:

Tools to monitor Hyland OnBase are essential for staying ahead of potential issues. Implement monitoring solutions that provide real-time insights into system performance, resource utilization, and security events. These tools should offer customizable alerts to notify you of potential problems. Reveille for Hyland OnBase provides a comprehensive view of the entire OnBase stack and comes pre-built with over 60 tests. These tests are aimed at areas known to need monitoring and prevent service level issues. Tools such as Reveille allow organizations to avoid the chasm of resource-spend when reacting to issues.

4. Establish and KNOW Performance Baselines:

By establishing performance baselines, you can detect performance degradation early, troubleshoot issues more effectively, and plan for future scalability. Performance baselines are not static; they should evolve as your OnBase environment changes. Regularly review and update your baselines to account for changes in system usage, configurations, and hardware upgrades. However, to establish proper baselines, accurate information will be needed.

5. Automation. Automation. Automation.

Automation can save valuable time and reduce the risk of human error. Automate routine tasks such as data imports, backups, and report generation to enhance efficiency and system reliability. Many manual remediation actions (such as windows service recycling, app instance restarts, recovery scripts) can be automated responses to common issues.

The best way to move forward…

Managing and monitoring Hyland OnBase is a continuous effort that requires proactive planning and vigilance. That’s why Hyland Marketplace Partner, Reveille, offers comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities for Hyland OnBase, Alfresco, and RPA. Reveille not only provides agentless monitoring capabilities but also observes and gathers OnBase user activity. The combination of monitoring and user analytics offers organizations capabilities to provide accurate benchmarks, understand performance, and proactively avoid issues.

By implementing these best practices, you can ensure that your organization reaps the full benefits of this powerful content services system, including optimal performance, data security, and streamlined document management. Keep in mind that staying up-to-date with best practices and industry trends is essential for effective management and monitoring. OnBase is a dynamic platform that evolves with technology, and your knowledge and practices should evolve alongside it. Together, these best practices will help you master the art of managing and monitoring OnBase, enabling your organization to achieve the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in its document management and workflow processes.