Hyland’s OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that helps businesses create a single repository for documents and content and automate business processes. 

This platform is used by organizations that deal with a massive amount of data that must be available to users where and when they need it.

With vast volumes of data and users, even a downtime of a couple of minutes can wreak havoc. That’s where OnBase agentless monitoring becomes crucial. Platforms like Reveille offer a solution to ensure the continued health of OnBase platforms. 

Let’s learn more about it in this guide.

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OnBase Integration Overview

With Hyland OnBase, you can store data, build workflows, automate manual and repetitive tasks, provide permissions, verify access, and minimize risk. It allows integration with key applications to automate processes and keep data in sync across all systems. For example, integrations with Netsmart Homecare, Sunrise Acute Care, Meditech, etc., are available in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive integration is beneficial if your organization works with many existing workflows and systems that need to remain functional. But this also poses a risk factor if you’re not monitoring the health of your system and integrations.

So, how do you track these systems on a regular basis? That brings us a solution tailored to manage and prevent OnBase from downtime and ensure the application integrations are functioning as they should.

What is Agentless Deployment and Monitoring?

Agentless monitoring for OnBase systems refers to observing and managing the performance, availability, and health of OnBase software without needing additional software agents on monitored devices. 

This approach relies on leveraging existing infrastructure and protocols to collect relevant data, such as network traffic analysis, log file monitoring, and API calls. For example, Reveille’s capabilities for OnBase include over 60 pre-configured monitors targeted at areas known to cause issues, including checking;

  • Connectivity of OnBase application server
  • Database backup
  • Disk groups
  • Performance issues

Agentless monitoring minimizes resource overhead and potential conflicts with existing software. It enables administrators to gain insights into OnBase system performance and identify issues proactively, ensuring optimal operation and user experience.

Benefits of Agentless Monitoring Tool for OnBase

Agentless monitoring tools offer numerous advantages for OnBase systems, enhancing efficiency and simplifying management. 

Below are five key benefits of why organizations pick agentless monitoring tools like Reveille.

1. Simplified Management

Compared to traditional deployments and monitoring, agentless monitoring tools reduce complexity and technical overhead, leading to significant savings in time and resources.

For example, you can access a quick overview of what’s wrong with different monitors or elements instead of looking at all the different performance monitoring tools or collaborating with large security teams. This monitoring display can be found within the tool’s dashboard, and your team can then proactively resolve these issues.

Monitoring tools allow businesses to develop quick discovery and resolution processes without spending money and years to build such a comprehensive system.

2. Comprehensive Monitoring

There are a lot of areas in an OnBase system that require monitoring and regular health checks. Instead of doing it manually, Reveille offers over 60 pre-configured monitors that target different areas like platform, connectivity, performance, database, and system processing. All you need to do is schedule these tests to run automatically and trigger notifications for essential intervention.

Even if you have people working in different locations, you can monitor everything from one platform with Reveille. 

You can expand each of these locations for greater visibility and find the exact monitors facing problems – cutting the time it takes your team to check each monitor and the associated issues.

3. Proactivity in Addressing Issues

You don’t want to wait long when it comes to OnBase issues. Even a few minutes of downtime or a minor security threat can cost your organization significantly.

The tests that are built-in monitoring tools like Reveille are scheduled to start at regular intervals. If a problem is seen in any area, it sends real-time alerts and notifications to the appropriate administrators or managers so that organizations can act quickly. 

When a notification arrives, the respondent can approve automated resolution activities like restarting the process or server. This speed of action reduces the resolution time and prevents problems from becoming too big to manage.

4. Performance Baselines and Automation

Performance baselines in ECM monitoring systems serve as reference points for assessing the normal functioning of the system over time. 

These baselines are established by continuously monitoring key performance metrics such as response times, resource utilization, and error rates during periods of typical system usage. By analyzing historical data, OnBase monitoring systems like Reveille can identify patterns and trends in performance, allowing administrators to determine what constitutes normal behavior for the system. 

Deviations from these baselines indicate potential issues or anomalies that require attention, and the system can alert people to start working on them. 

5. Scalability and Flexibility

With agentless monitoring tools, you can leverage your infrastructure resources and easily scale whenever needed. These tools are great at helping you understand the different components of the ECM system and how they perform under various loads so organizations can scale up or down to meet changing business requirements. Automation features in Reveille allow for automatic resource scaling in response to predefined triggers, ensuring the system adapts to changing demands seamlessly.

You can even support fluctuating workloads by dynamically allocating storage capacity, processing power, and network bandwidth. 

Challenges in Managing Hyland OnBase

Managing OnBase monitoring presents several challenges due to the complexity of the system and the diverse range of components involved. From ensuring data integrity to optimizing performance and resolving technical issues, organizations face many tasks requiring specialized skills, resources, and time for effective monitoring and management.

1. System Performance

OnBase is often tasked with managing substantial amounts of data, including documents and workflow information. As the business grows, this data volume escalates, potentially leading to performance bottlenecks. Many businesses also integrate different apps and systems, further adding to the complexity of OnBase. All of this calls for regular performance monitoring to ensure that the performance of OnBase users is not impacted and content can be stored, managed, and accessed easily.

Agent-based solutions often can’t handle these complex issues, making tracking all the different areas difficult. The resulting oversight can be avoided using agentless monitoring tools.

2. Security

Different industries are subject to various regulatory requirements. For example, banks and financial institutions deal with confidential information they can’t afford to lose. In such a scenario, wishing your agents could monitor every transaction and detect a theft or security breach is a tall ask.

Reveille offers a user analytics platform that reports real user response time usage and service level issues. It also detects and alerts personnel of suspicious activity. For example, you can schedule a check every evening on the number of files exported or accessed. By setting a threshold, you can quickly find when the exports or access goes above average.

3. Reliability

OnBase is critical to daily operations in many organizations. For example, you can’t afford downtime in healthcare organizations. You need a constant availability of agents to monitor and maintain the system, which is often not possible. Even if you have people working around the clock, manual monitoring means you may still let something fall through the cracks.

Whether you require a reliable solution to monitor performance or execute updates without disrupting business operations, agentless monitoring tools are your best bet. You can deploy them and get the tool running in a few days or weeks.

Simplify Your OnBase Monitoring With Reveille

Managing, monitoring, and keeping your OnBase system running and healthy is an uphill task. You no longer need to recruit an extensive team to do that. Agentless monitoring tools like Reveille are built to help organizations like yours manage OnBase without much manual intervention.

You can request a demo here to learn more about how our system works. If you need personalized advice or suggestions on how the tool fits your needs or requirements, contact our Reveille experts.