Documentum platforms help organizations build a single source of truth for content that eliminates data silos and enhances collaboration.

Yet, this unified management system comes with its challenges. Imagine thousands of files stored in a platform. What if there’s a security threat? Or a performance issue that affects the end users?

That’s where a Documentum monitoring tool comes in handy. It provides out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities to your enterprise content management (ECM) or content services applications. The tools help your team discover and solve issues and ensure your Documentum platform performs optimally.

Let’s understand more about this tool and why your organization can benefit from its implementation.

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What is a Documentum Monitoring Tool?

All organizations, be they financial services firms or manufacturing entities, produce vast quantities of content. For these organizations, that means; 

  • Managing this content
  • Granting access to the right users
  • Allowing collaboration
  • Providing editing and search functionalities

It’s a mammoth task. Documentum is a major enterprise content management system that handles all these activities. 

A Documentum monitoring tool like Reveille ensures the continued health of your Documentum platform so your end-users are not impacted by performance issues, slowing their productivity, or affected by security threats.

This tool delivers comprehensive visibility and control of the underlying Documentum assets. Unlike APM tools that are not purpose-built for ECM, Reveille offers over 90 pre-built tests targeted towards areas that need observation, like Documentum server, DFS, transformation services, xPlore, Brava, REST and DFS based applications, etc. You can configure these tests to run at specific times, or continuously. For example, many of our clients keep a strict check on content access and Documentum content server session counts. So, they configure the tests to run overnight and flag any issues to the security team and/or proactive actions if the number goes beyond the set threshold.

Comprehensive Documentum monitoring

How Does a Documentum Monitoring Tool Work?

A Documentum monitoring tool provides agentless management and monitoring capabilities to ensure your Documentum platform is working properly. Tools like Reveille allow you to combine tests and resources to build comprehensive monitoring workflows that meet your requirements.

Here are four major areas that a Documentum monitoring tool works on.

Data Collection and Analysis

A Documentum monitoring tool collects data from various sources, such as system logs, user activities, and performance metrics. Reveille, for instance, allows you to gather data on user behavior and activity on the platform. This data could be anything from searching, logging in, logging out, or deleting a document.

You can view the monitors across your entire content management system and filter them based on their status or location. This allows your team to gather detailed insights and proactively work toward issues that might lead to downtime or security breaches.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

A Documentum monitoring tool tracks your Documentum applications and systems continuously and flag issues that might hamper its health. Thresholds are set for the tests, such as “processing times” or “transaction times,” for the different components of Documentum. Once these thresholds are crossed, alerts are sent to the relevant personnel via Microsoft Teams, Slack, or incident management systems such as ServiceNow.  If desired, Reveille can take a proactive action to remove the issue or bottleneck.

Early notification via Microsoft Teams

Reveille can perform these proactive actions on your behalf or with approval, like restarting the process or the server, to enable quick response and resolution of issues. This also saves your team the time spent manually doing these activities.

Reporting and Dashboard Visualization

A Documentum monitoring tool provides a dashboard that gives you an overview of your system’s health, security issues, insights on relevant metrics and user activity. You can customize your dashboard to track specific metrics relevant to your business needs or get data from other organizational data sources.

Reveille reports on user activity

Regarding the reporting functionality, you can create reports to see what a specific user is doing on the platform or create a performance report on how the system is functioning for the end user. These reports help aid decision-making for system administrators and feed audit compliance information requests.

Security and Compliance Checks

What if one of your user accounts is being used to log into multiple locations at the same time? This might be a case of a compromised user account, and you might need to deactivate the user account in question. Instead of losing confidential data, tools like Reveille check for vulnerabilities and check for unauthorized access attempts to flag issues and protect sensitive data within the Documentum system.  Reveille can even notify xEDR (eXtended Detection and Response) software to take action, such as disable user application access or isolate the device from the network. 

Documentum wizard

Apart from the variety of pre-built tests, you can create new tests for various compliance or security checks in Reveille. You can use the Documentum wizard to set up and conduct a test in no time.

The Need for Monitoring in ECM Systems

Downtime, lost access, and other performance issues can hamper the working and security of your organization. You may also risk reputational damage if you’re running, say, a call center, where you need constant access to different documents to support customers.

There are a lot of benefits to adopting a monitoring tool. One of our clients reduced manual overhead by 70 hours per week by adopting Reveille. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the most advantageous benefits of a monitoring tool. 

Ensuring System Health and Performance

You can schedule the tests built into monitoring tools to run at predefined intervals. Therefore, you can identify potential bottlenecks before they start impacting operations. For example, you can see the flagged monitors on your Reveille dashboard and direct your team to work on them before they affect the entire system.

Overall view of ECM environments

All these measures and responses help reduce the mean time to threat detection and time to respond. It also ensures your system runs on optimal performance without you having to check for errors and issues manually.

Maintaining Security and Compliance

Many of our clients are in the financial services and healthcare industries, and they deal with a host of complex compliances on a daily basis. They also need to ensure that data doesn’t leave the system without permission.

This is where a monitoring tool is a must-have. With unstructured data driving business processes (loan documents, clinical trial documents, etc..), there’s little room for application downtime, or slow response time for end users.

These tools can help identify and mitigate content security threats and breaches, an important keystone for maintaining organizational integrity and customer trust. 

Optimizing User Experience and Workflow

Monitoring tools track and analyze user experience within the ECM system.. For example, you can 

  • Detect usage patterns
  • Understand baselines and set benchmarks
  • Optimize workflows to reduce wait times
  • Ensure modifications or custom features do not impact user experience

Many organizations use these tools to evaluate the system’s scalability to accommodate growing user bases and increasing data volumes. These insights aid better decision-making when it comes to system enhancements.

The Reveille Advantage

Most organizations cannot afford to have any downtime with their ECM system. Reveille helps customers proactively avoid these issues and saves resources, time, and money in the process.

Here are five ways Reveille is a better alternative to existing tools or a DIY approach:

  • Provides out-of-the-box solutions: You get agentless monitoring and functionalities across different areas like chargeback, capacity planning, compliance, content security, remediation, license management, etc.
  • Access pre-configured tests: Instead of spending money creating tests from scratch, access pre-built tests that have been created after gathering a lot of data and common issues faced by organizations.
  • Proactive detection and remediation: The platform is purpose-built to monitor and provide early notification for content systems with the ability to remediate issues automatically without manual intervention.
  • Immediate value: Instead of spending months deploying a solution, Reveille can be deployed in a few days or weeks.
  • Leverage your existing management tools: Complements and integrates with existing monitoring tools, incident management, problem management systems.
  • Cost-effective: If you try to build Reveille functionality with an existing tool, it may cost a minimum of 5X the cost of Reveille.

Summing up Documentum Monitoring

A robust Documentum monitoring tool is indispensable for organizations relying on Documentum for efficient content management. Such tools offer real-time insights into system performance, document processing, and user activities, ensuring proactive issue detection and resolution. 

Investing in a reliable monitoring solution like Reveille ensures the smooth functioning of your Documentum environment and, ultimately, the success of content management initiatives. Get in touch with our team to know more about how you can set up Reveille for Documentum monitoring.