Many modern enterprises rely on enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, but ensuring availability is critical when the organization is dynamic, and its people move frequently from one project to another. Maintaining up-time and gaining new efficiencies requires active monitoring and the ability to proactively solve the problems that lead to downtime. As Turner Industries discovered, this can’t be achieved through manual effort alone.

Turner Industries builds, maintains, and services the nation’s heavy industrial sector. Since 1961, the company has steadily worked to provide a single solution for its clients’ success. To do this, Turner finds, develops, and supports the best people for the jobs it performs throughout its four divisions: construction, maintenance and turnarounds, fabrication, and equipment and specialty services.


Turner’s largest operations division, Maintenance and Turnarounds, employs thousands of people across the country. From performing maintenance work and project management, to hiring and assigning personnel, there is significant paperwork that goes along with the division’s day-to-day functions. Ensuring uptime and availability on their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems is critical.

When users have a problem with any of their content applications, they turn to Steve Malik. As the ECM Solutions Manager, Malik manages a small team that oversees Turner’s IBM software stack, which includes FileNet and Datacap, as well as Kofax.

Recognizing the need to ensure service level agreements and availability of their ECM solutions, Malik and his team were manually adding new monitors and modifying them to fit the organization’s needs. “We were spending more time researching how to adjust and play with the software than getting any value out of it,” says Malik.


Malik’s team began looking for an ECM monitoring and management solution. Their goal was to spend less time administrating the platform and configuring monitors. They also wanted better reporting capabilities. When Malik initially started his search, he considered both IBM ECM System Monitor and Reveille. At that time, IBM ECM System Monitor won out due to its integration with Turner’s IBM product stack.

It wasn’t long before Malik and his team were revisiting Reveille. Malik did a proof of concept with Reveille and was won over by the platform’s ease of use and reporting capabilities. “Reveille seemed more user friendly. Configuring the monitors was more intuitive,” Malik says. Malik was able to get more insight and context about content access and user activity with less manual work which enabled his team to focus more on availability and reliability of the system.

Reveille goes well beyond general-purpose monitoring, providing specific context and detailed insight into the performance, adoption, planning, user behavior, security and audit of business-critical content stacks. Reveille’s ECM and CSP focused app auto discovery, baseline KPI’s, and pre-built remediation actions accelerate the time to value. Detailed reports on how users are accessing and using content support data security, auditing and compliance. Reveille provides the active insight customers need to reveal blind spots and regain control of their ECM applications and content.


“It’s a huge job to make sure systems are available for end users. Reveille alerts us to an issue, and we are able to jump on quickly to see what’s going on and rectify the problem,” Malik says.

Since bringing Reveille into Turner, they are already seeing improvements in achieving a consistent level of reliability of their systems. Reveille helps Malik’s team stay proactive and focused on maintaining SLAs and providing executive level reports to key stakeholders. Looking ahead, Malik hopes to leverage Reveille’s user analytics to gain more insight into user behavior and content
access. He wants to extend that visibility to business units through their own dashboards with information that is important to them.

Reveille’s user analytics are icing on the cake. Being able to report actual numbers up to management – who, what, when, how, and tie in the security aspect – is very powerful.

Steve Malik

ECM Solutions Manager, Turner Industries


Today, Malik’s team appreciates the SLA reports and user analytics the Reveille platform provides. “Reveille’s user analytics are icing on the cake,” he says. “It’s key for us. Being able to report up to management actual numbers—who, what, when, how, and tie in the security aspect—it’s very powerful.” Without Reveille’s built-in user analytics, Malik’s team would have to develop content auditing solutions manually based on content logs. Reveille captures data on document access, how users are using content and whether irregular login patterns are occurring in real-time, and reports are easily accessed with just a few clicks.


“Some users take for granted what we have to do to make sure our systems stay up and running. But they rely on those systems. SLA reports showing up-time, how many incidents and how long they lasted—having that data to show the value of our enterprise content platforms helps us to justify any kind of expenses. Reveille helps us achieve that and more,” Malik says.