FileNet is an enterprise content management (ECM) system that was invented in 1982 before being acquired by IBM in 2006. 

It enables you to manage data, streamline business processes and automate record management. Organizations across various industries use FileNet to streamline their content-related processes, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance with regulations.

While the platform offers certain monitoring capabilities, it is not foolproof. That’s why businesses resort to FileNet monitoring tools like Reveille, which monitors different aspects and ensures the system is healthy.

Let’s look at how FileNet works and the best monitoring platforms on the market.

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How Does FileNet Work? Why Does It Require Monitoring?

FileNet stores and manages digital content within a centralized repository. This allows users to access, organize, and process information efficiently. It employs a combination of document management, workflow automation, and records management functionalities to streamline business processes. 

Monitoring is essential for FileNet due to four key reasons:

  1. As an enterprise-level system, FileNet handles large volumes of critical data. Continuous monitoring ensures data integrity, availability, and security. 
  2. Monitoring helps identify performance issues or bottlenecks. This helps maintain and optimize the system to prevent disruptions to business operations. 
  3. It helps track compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that sensitive information is managed and accessed according to legal and organizational guidelines. 
  4. You can detect security leaks and automate sending notifications to administrators. These alerts mean they can take corrective actions before leaks escalate into major problems.

Top 7 FileNet Monitoring Software & Solutions to Look Out for This 2024

We’ve explained why FileNet monitoring software and solutions are a must. But which one is best for your business? 

We compiled a list of the top 7 based on factors like comprehensiveness, features, functionalities, and expertise.

1. Reveille

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Reveille offers an agentless monitoring and management solution for IBM FileNet. You can have complete visibility into every aspect of the platform. 

For example, we have over 50 pre-configured tests for platform, CMIS performance, content engine performance, operating performance and connectivity. These tests were made to identify FileNet issues early. 

IBM FileNet User Analytics continuously observes the user document management experience within your IBM FileNet P8 investments for IBM Content Navigator, ACCE, Web Services, and CMIS REST-based applications.

Users can view FileNet’s real-time performance and health in a single view. Many businesses automate proactive actions to resolve issues. The best part of Reveille is that it’s easily deployable in days and requires no coding. Best of all, it costs 5-10X less than building your own FileNet monitoring solution.

2. IBM FileNet System Monitor

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The IBM FileNet System Monitor is an in-built comprehensive tool. The tool provides real-time insights into FileNet systems’ health, performance, and usage. These insights allow administrators to identify and address issues before they impact operations.

The System Monitor offers:

  • Customizable dashboards and reports, enabling administrators to track key metrics, including system uptime, resource use, and user activity
  • Alerting capabilities that notify administrators of critical events or performance deviations

The IBM FileNet System Monitor simplifies the monitoring process with its centralized management interface. It empowers administrators to optimize system performance, ensure high availability, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

3. Splunk

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Splunk vows to make organizations more resilient. It does this by leveraging Splunk’s powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities to monitor and analyze FileNet environments. 

It collects data from various sources within the FileNet ecosystem to provide administrators with comprehensive insights into the health and performance of their FileNet deployments. These sources include log files, performance metrics, and system events. 

Splunk’s flexible querying and reporting tools enable administrators to track system usage, identify trends, and troubleshoot issues. Additionally, Splunk’s alerting functionality can notify administrators of critical events or anomalies in real-time. This alerting enables proactive intervention to prevent downtime or performance degradation.

4. AppDynamics

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AppDynamics offers a specialized solution for monitoring and optimizing FileNet environments. Leveraging AppDynamics’ application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities, it provides deep visibility into the performance of FileNet applications, infrastructure, and transactions. 

The platform automatically discovers and maps the entire FileNet environment, including servers, databases, and middleware components. This mapping allows administrators to track end-to-end performance and dependencies. 

With monitoring and analytics, administrators can identify performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize resource utilization to ensure optimal FileNet performance. AppDynamics’ advanced alerting and reporting features enable proactive incident management. This feature ensures the timely resolution of performance issues and minimizes downtime.

5. Dynatrace

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Dynatrace is an AI-powered monitoring platform that helps monitor your FileNet’s performance and health. It offers a platform for infrastructure observability, application observability, and business and security analytics.

Its key features include;

  • Automatic discovery and mapping of application components and dependencies
  • Real-time performance monitoring, proactive anomaly detection
  • Intelligent alerting
  • An AI engine called Davis that correlates data across different layers of the technology stack to identify issues and their root causes
  • Code-level insights
  • Resource utilization monitoring
  • Integration with popular development and operations tools

The platform provides visibility into user experience, application performance, infrastructure health, and cloud-native environments.

6. New Relic

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New Relic offers monitoring features designed to provide insights into the performance and health of applications like FileNet. Its key features include:

  • Application performance monitoring (APM)
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Synthetic monitoring
  • Mobile monitoring

New Relic APM allows users to monitor the performance of their applications, including response times, throughput, and error rates, across different programming languages and frameworks.

The platform also includes features for alerting, dashboards, and reporting. These empower organizations to identify and resolve issues, optimize performance, and deliver exceptional digital experiences to their users.

7. Netreo

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Netreo provides monitoring solutions for IBM FileNet environments. Its solutions offer comprehensive visibility and control over the performance and health of FileNet deployments. 

Netreo’s predictive analytics feature stands out as a novel offering. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Netreo can analyze historical performance data to predict potential issues before they occur. This proactive approach to monitoring enables organizations to take preemptive action to prevent downtime or performance degradation. 

Doing so can improve system reliability and availability.

Netreo’s automation capabilities enable organizations to streamline routine tasks and workflows. This reduces manual intervention and frees up IT resources for strategic initiatives. 

Monitor Your FileNet Systems With Reveille

Many businesses end up with the wrong systems and processes when monitoring ECM solutions. 

With years in the market, Reveille understands how different organizations operate. Here’s what you can gain from implementing our FileNet monitoring solution.

Get Complete IBM FileNet Visibility

Reveille helps achieve complete IBM FileNet visibility through its deep monitoring capabilities. It collects detailed metrics and logs to get visibility into components like the platform, content engine performance, and database.

For example, Turner Industries used Reveille to oversee its IBM software stack, which included FileNet and Datacap. They found Reveille went well beyond general-purpose monitoring. The tool provided specific context and detailed insight into;

  • Performance
  • Adoption
  • Planning
  • User behavior
  • Security
  • Audits of business-critical content stacks

Using Reveille’s tools, they rectified problems and achieved a consistent level of reliability of their systems.

Seamless Performance Monitoring Capabilities

You need your FileNet system to run consistently so your end-users are unaffected. Even a few minutes of downtime can impact customer experience and user performance. Reveille’s monitoring platform has a series of in-built tests you can schedule to run automatically to avoid this scenario.

If the system finds any issue with any monitor, it is reflected on the dashboard along with notifications to key IT personnel. This helps resolve issues before they become too big to manage. 

Check User Activity

Advanced security measures and compliance mechanisms are necessary when handling confidential data on your FileNet system. 

Reveille solves this by offering a user analytics platform that can monitor user activity.

With this, you can set thresholds for different metrics—for example, the number of times a document can be accessed or downloaded. Whenever a threshold is crossed, the system notifies the relevant personnel, and they can take further action to protect them from security threats or data leaks.

Your FileNet Systems Need Monitoring

From established players like IBM’s monitoring tools to specialized offerings like Reveille, plenty of great FileNet monitoring tools are on the market. 

Businesses can access comprehensive solutions that provide real-time visibility, proactive alerting, and advanced analytics capabilities. 

Whether it’s ensuring high availability, optimizing performance, or maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, these platforms empower organizations to monitor and manage their FileNet deployments.

Get in touch with our team to know more about how you can set up Reveille for FileNet.