Over time, the data an organization handles grows multifold —spreadsheets, files, documents, emails, contracts, proposals and more. 

There’s a lot to process, manage, and extract data from.

OpenText Intelligent Capture helps businesses unlock the value of their data. As a monitoring solution that caters to platforms like OpenText, we know a thing or two about data management. 

In this guide, we’ll deep-dive into OpenText Intelligent Capture and how your business can benefit from it.

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What is OpenText Intelligent Capture?

68% of organizations report having so much data that they struggle to make use of it all. One answer is OpenText Intelligent Capture, a comprehensive document capture and recognition solution. It automates the extraction and management of data from diverse documents. 

It leverages technologies like OCR and machine learning to process structured and unstructured content. It enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and accelerates decision-making by automatically identifying; 

  • Document types,
  • Extracting data fields,
  • Validating information.

For example, it can extract invoice numbers, dates, line items, and totals from invoices. This capability streamlines accounts payable processes and improves accuracy in financial operations.

Best of all, OpenText Intelligent Capture provides seamless integration with enterprise systems. This integration capability ensures smooth workflow automation and data exchange. 

How Does OpenText Intelligent Capture Work?

OpenText Intelligent Capture automates document processing. It captures, classifies, extracts, verifies and validates data from various documents. Initially, it captures documents through multiple channels, including scanning, email, or file uploads. These documents are then classified using machine learning algorithms, which identify the document type and its associated metadata.

Next, the solution extracts relevant data fields using OCR and intelligent document recognition techniques. This step ensures the accurate extraction of information from both structured and unstructured content. Following extraction, the system verifies and validates the extracted data against predefined rules or reference databases. Again, this is done to ensure accuracy and consistency.

OpenText Intelligent Capture incorporates continuous learning capabilities to adapt and improve over time. This involves analyzing user interactions and feedback to enhance its performance and increase automation levels. 

Through these iterative improvements, OpenText Intelligent Capture; 

  • Streamlines document processing workflows,
  • Reduces manual intervention,
  • Minimizes errors,
  • Accelerates decision-making processes across various business functions.

What are the Key Features of OpenText Intelligent Capture?

OpenText Intelligent Capture offers key features that help with document processing, extraction, and accuracy.

  • Intelligent document classification: Utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately classify documents based on content and metadata, streamlining the categorization process.
  • Intelligent data extraction and validation: Employs optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent document recognition techniques to extract relevant data fields from documents with precision. It also validates extracted data against predefined rules or reference databases.
  • Flexible deployment: Allows organizations to deploy the solution in various environments, including on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments. This flexibility helps organizations meet specific business needs and infrastructure requirements.
  • Configurable capture workflows: Enables organizations to customize capture workflows according to their unique document processing requirements.
  • Integrated AI and machine learning: Improves document processing accuracy and automates repetitive tasks.
  • Image quality checks: Ensures the clarity and readability of scanned documents. These checks enhance the accuracy of document processing results.
  • No-code process designer: Offers a user-friendly interface for designing document capture workflows without the need for coding skills. This no-code process empowers organizations to adapt and optimize their document processing operations.

Benefits of OpenText Intelligent Capture

OpenText Intelligent Capture can benefit businesses looking to save time, money, and energy working on lots of data stored in different formats. 

Here are four key benefits.

Unify Omnichannel Information Capture

OpenText Intelligent Capture unifies omnichannel information capture. It does this by seamlessly working with many data input channels, including scanning, email, fax, mobile, and web uploads. This unified approach ensures that the solution can capture and process regardless of the source or format of the incoming information. 

By consolidating data from various channels into a single system, organizations can;

  • Streamline document processing workflows,
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Enhance operational efficiency.

Automate Manual Tasks

OpenText Intelligent Capture automates manual tasks. It uses advanced technologies like OCR, machine learning, and AI to streamline document processing workflows. For instance, it can automatically extract patient data from scanned documents, such as past patient history and records. 

By eliminating the need for manual data entry, the solution accelerates processing times, reduces errors, and frees up time.

Enrich Customer and Employee Experiences

OpenText Intelligent Capture enriches customer and employee experiences. It does this by improving access to information and streamlining interactions. For example, take a customer service scenario. 

The solution can capture and process customer inquiries submitted via various channels, such as email or web forms. Automatically extracting relevant data and routing requests to appropriate personnel ensures prompt responses and enhances satisfaction. In HR processes, it expedites document handling, providing employees with quicker access to essential information.

Simplify Document Access and Compliance

OpenText Intelligent Capture makes it easier to access and obey documents. It does this by centralizing document management and ensuring compliance with regulations. It streamlines document retrieval through efficient indexing and search functionalities, enabling quick access to information. 

Additionally, it facilitates compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA by securely managing sensitive data and providing audit trails for document handling. 

How Can Organizations Use OpenText Intelligent Capture?

OpenText Intelligent Capture has multiple use cases for various industries. Here, we cover four major industries and how the platform can help make a difference.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can use OpenText Intelligent Capture to streamline document-intensive processes. It automates tasks such as;

  • Accounts payable processing,
  • Loan origination,
  • Compliance reporting,
  • Customer onboarding,
  • Claims processing. 

OpenText Intelligent Capture also ensures compliance with regulatory standards. It securely manages sensitive documents and provides audit trails for document handling. By automating these critical processes, OpenText Intelligent Capture enables financial institutions to improve customer service, mitigate risks, and optimize resource allocation.


In a healthcare setting, OpenText Intelligent Capture can revolutionize administrative processes. Consider a scenario where a patient arrives at a hospital for treatment. Upon registration, the front desk staff scans the patient’s identification and insurance documents using OpenText Intelligent Capture. The solution automatically extracts relevant information such as patient demographics, insurance details, and medical history from these documents.

The extracted information is then seamlessly integrated into the patient’s electronic file. This removes the need to manually enter data into the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system. This automation accelerates the registration process and reduces the risk of data entry errors. Additionally, the solution ensures compliance with healthcare regulations.

Government Agencies

OpenText Intelligent Capture helps government agencies streamline document-centric processes and enhance operational efficiency. Let’s consider a government agency responsible for processing citizen benefit applications. The solution automates data capture, classification and extraction from various application forms and supporting documents.

The platform ensures data security and privacy regulations compliance by securely managing sensitive citizen information.

Construction Companies

OpenText Intelligent Capture helps construction companies streamline document-intensive processes and improve project efficiency. For example, say a construction company is managing multiple projects. The solution can automate the capture and processing of documents such as contracts, invoices, and project plans. 

This automation accelerates invoice processing times, reduces manual data entry errors, and enhances cost-tracking accuracy across projects. 

How to Monitor OpenText Intelligent Capture?

You can monitor OpenText Intelligent Capture using monitoring tools like Reveille. It gives comprehensive visibility into your capture environment. It has over 60 pre-configured tests tailored to capture components, like capture output, capture process exceptions, platform capture licensing and connectivity.

You can schedule these tests, gain visibility of issues, and proactively resolve them. A global insurer used Reveille to gather module-by-module visibility into their Intelligent Capture environment. 

They reallocated two full-time employees to higher-priority tasks and reduced manual overhead by 70 hours per week.

Monitor OpenText With Reveille

OpenText Intelligent Capture automates document-intensive processes across various industries. Its ability to streamline document capture, extraction, and validation processes improves operational workflows and enhances productivity. 

However, you need robust monitoring and analytics capabilities to ensure the platform runs smoothly. 

Reveille’s monitoring solution for Intelligent Capture provides:

  • Real-time insights into system performance,
  • Alerts for potential issues,
  • Comprehensive visibility into document processing workflows. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can adopt it.