Streamline License Management

ECM license management is typically a joint responsibility by procurement and ECM shared services to ensure license compliance and efficiency. Tracking the consumption of and changes in license usage is essential to maintain operations and keep costs down, especially with the workplace changes the pandemic has forced. Changes in staffing, third party contractor access, reduced hours, and remote work can impact your ECM license usage. With as much as 37 percent of enterprise software licenses sitting unused, totalling $30 billion in the US alone, relying on manual checklists and quarterly audits for ECM license management could be costing you. And license management is not a topic to have your initial awareness generated by a license audit request from your ECM supplier.

The Cost of Unmanaged ECM Licenses

While it may sound like a simple housekeeping item to those outside IT, license management is extremely important to ensure productivity, satisfy user demand and manage infrastructure costs.

IT teams need to be able to audit and manage ECM license consumption to:

  • Ensure license compliance to avoid penalties and true-up costs
  • Identify and adjust over and underutilized licenses, or individuals with multiple licenses for the same app, to ensure cost efficiency
  • Understand and plan for increased ECM application demand and license requirements to satisfy user needs
  • Be alerted to license expirations and renewal notices to avoid penalties and productivity issues

In order to manage ECM licenses efficiently you need to be able to answer a few simple questions:

  • How many licenses are in use?
  • How many user or server or capture licenses do you really need?
  • Can unused license capacity be repurposed?

Organizations often rely on manual check lists, periodic license audits and more business analyst time to gather this insight. This process is cumbersome, time consuming and doesn’t efficiently answer licensing questions. This lack of insight could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted ECM licenses.

Do More with Less Using Reveille’s Active ECM License Metrics

It’s time to throw away those manual checklists and gain real-time visibility into license usage, plan for increased demand and repurpose unused licenses to eliminate license waste. With Reveille to right size your license deployment, self-audit your license compliance, and increase deployment efficiency. All with no app changes, no manual checklists and ‘eyes on glass’ to gather data points for either on-premises or cloud-based ECM apps.

With Reveille get detailed actionable insight to:

  • Produce reports on current license usage for auditing and management visibility
  • Get insight into ECM app license usage
  • See which licenses are in use, who is using them and how often
  • Set license thresholds to be automatically notified when license entitlement levels need attention
  • Create tickets for license renewal or upgrade purchases

Sound interesting? Give us a few minutes.

Watch this short demo to see how Reveille streamlines ECM license management to help you avoid over and under licensing, maintain license compliance and avoid extra costs without any heavy lifting.

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