Technology & Service Providers

Relied upon by technology institutions

Know content processes scale without issue

However your documents are captured, organized, and distrubuted in an ECM,

Reveille observes every aspect and and proactively maintains performance.

Technology companies rely on processes tied to content. Without proactive insight on how these processes perform, the ability to move quickly and scale is hindered. This means visibility and confidence in the performance of processes such as:
  • KCapturing forms, documents, photos without exceptions
  • KCross-organizational accessibility of videos, reports, payments, etc.

Reduce Manual Resources

Reveille’s agentless monitoring eliminates application baby sitting and automates tasks:
  • KNo code monitoring - configuration solution
  • KContinuous ECM observation, tracking , and notification
  • KAutomatic recovery for hung batches, lost export connections, or overloaded tasks
  • KAutomatically open and close trouble tickets