What can reveille do for you?


  • Get the most out of your investment when moving ECM systems to cloud ​
  • Monitor and optimize capacity, performance, adoption, usage and cost​
  • Use your content systems budget more effectively​
  • Communicate your service levels, volumes, and adoption – promote your team’s success


  • Easy to integrate into key applications and tools (using REST API’s) so you don’t have to write integration code
  • Easy to implement and maintain, providing immediate insight to ECM application stack. 
  • Easy to adapt/configure/change as ECM environments change –  knows exactly when, how and what to do (rules, bots and wizards are easy to set up and automatically run)  
  • Observe key metrics over time to make the correct adjustments to changing conditions. 
  • Easy to integrate into key applications and tools (using REST API’s) so you don’t have to write integration code
  • Reveille can provide automated remediation of known and recurring issues
  • Understand ECM user search terms, active document retrieval patterns, ECM system capacity



  • Achieve active management of content systems and applications​
  • Reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to recover (MTTR)​
  • More easily adopt and scale content systems and applications to cloud​
  • Make it easier to review and manage content systems and applications​
  • More quickly detect and remediate application or behavioral issues​
  • Manage current costs and future costs (cloud) by fixing issues rather than adding costly capacity


    • Reveille User Analytics observes my transactions for both performance and usage requirements, trigger alerts for performance issues, and gathers all relevant ECM system data to provide a comprehensive snapshot of my environment
    • Reveille can provide automated remediation when it observes abnormal user behavior
    • Reveille is aware of ECM system issues before they impact me
    • Reveille understands user ECM activity and adoption
    • Better ECM application availability and consistent response times

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