Real-time insight and automation for your Kofax capture platform

Manage PERFORMANCE and SLA expectations across the kofax ecosystem

Kofax helps businesses capture the world and begin converting it into functional data that supercharges their operations. How are Kofax users supposed to rocket to the top with obstructed visibility into their most vital capture technology?

When capture processes go haywire and require a look under the hood, that’s where we come in. Reveille brings the power of real-time insight and automation to your entire capture platform and beyond – export processing to content service platforms, error remediation for key services, operating KPIs, and service level adherence across the Kofax solution ecosystem and more.


Ensuring a great overall customer experience – whether they be internal or external – remains a top priority for many organizations. A bottleneck with document retrieval not only hurts productivity, it can also impair service delivery and increase user frustration. We help customers detect performance issues and improve mean time to recover. This is critical for response-time expectations and application adoption. On the capture side, customers use us to verify capture to repository connections and enable automated connection recovery to meet end-end processing windows. They also rely on us to ensure high availability for EIM app access.


With security concerns topping the agenda of every boardroom, customers are constantly looking for ways to harden security, including at the CSP app level. With our solution, “real-time” visibility comes out of the box with CSP transaction context. This is a powerful tool for our customers because the immediacy of that data represents hours of costs savings and time savings from not having to get into low-level historical web log analysis. We also help customers heighten breach awareness (mean time to detection) by identifying possible suspicious CSP app access — helping to answer critical questions like: Are system accounts being used in production? Is there unusual document activity based on an established baseline? etc. Customers get peace of mind from knowing we can also act as the last line of defense, shutting down user access based on conditions set by the business.


Audit & Compliance

For many customers, audits and the burden of proof to show compliance represent a significant pain point. They use us for compliance reporting — to easily show what documents are being accessed as part of the regulated business process. Scheduled reports are a pain-free way to show that these organizations are following standard operating procedures for internal audit requests or a number of regulations (SOX, GDPR Article 30: Records of Processing Activities, and others). Each role in an organization usually has standard access patterns for digital assets. Using user behavior intelligence, it’s simple to track deviations, especially as people change positions. We provide clear answers to some of the toughest audit questions.

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