Real-time insight and automation for your Kofax Intelligent Automation Platforms

Manage PERFORMANCE and SLA expectations across the Kofax ecosystem

Kofax helps businesses capture the world and begin converting it into functional data that supercharges their operations. How are Kofax users supposed to rocket to the top with obstructed visibility into their most vital capture technology?

When capture processes go haywire and require a look under the hood, that’s where we come in. Reveille brings the power of real-time insight and automation to your entire capture platform and beyond – export processing to content service platforms, error remediation for key services, operating KPIs, and service level adherence across the Kofax solution ecosystem and more.


Ensuring a great overall customer experience – whether they be internal or external – remains a top priority for many organizations. A bottleneck with document retrieval not only hurts productivity, it can also impair service delivery and increase user frustration. Reveille helps customers detect performance issues and improve mean time to recover.

Reveille works fluently with Kofax to provide agentless application management testing and monitoring capabilities to ensure the continued health and productivity of the Kofax enterprise capture platform – on premises or in the Cloud.

Reveille provides out-of-the-box tests, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure comprehensive visibility and avoid critical events in your capture environment. In a matter of days, not months, you’ll benefit from real-time management decision making with Reveille’s active and preventive monitoring, enhanced harvest process, and accessibility to granular daily threshold-based metrics.

With Reveille’s real-time dashboards, alerts and comprehensive reporting, business and IT managers gain deep, data-driven insight and context to make better decisions and improve overall performance, and stability of their Kofax capture platforms including: Kofax Capture, Communication Server, Front Office Server, Front Office Server with MFP devices, TotalAgility, Transformation Modules, VirtualReScan, Import Connector and Reporting.


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