Webinar: Understanding Your Users – Visibility And Security For Your CSP

Learn how Reveille Enhancew Security in Your CSP

Still trying to figure out how your content is consumed and accessed? You’re not alone. According to the SANS Institute “Only about one-third of organizations today collect user behavior monitoring data. But that’s expected to change–about three-fourths of respondents say they’d like to start collecting this data in the future.”

What is causing this shift? Visibility and security are becoming increasingly important within enterprises today, and having insight into who can access what within your CSP is a critical content security starting point. Reveille makes managing and tracking user behavior easy. Join us while we discover:

  • Why it is important to understand user behavior analytics within your CSP
  • Best practices when monitoring and managing user behavior
  • Real examples of how Reveille has helped clients gain visibility and control over their CSP

Watch how you can make it happen:

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