Webinar: Customer Experience In The ECM World

Discover Visibility and Control of Your Content Services Platform

Do you want a huge leap forward in analytics and insightful action for your CSP? Watch this webinar and learn how Reveille brings OpenText, IBM, Kofax, Microsoft, Box and more into full view, addressing questions such as:

  • Are the components of my CSP performing properly?
  • How do I know if the users are having a good experience?
  • What are the performance trends of my content stack?
  • Are our apps being used in the intended manner?
  • At what rate are apps and features being adopted?

Do you have a purpose-built management solution for your CSP? The data is clear, merely 41% of organizations without one hit their SLA targets 95% of the time or better, as opposed to 71% with.

Hear what these companies use to make it happen:

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