By Brian DeWyer, Reveille CTO

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Technology is in a constant state of flux and keeping up with the latest capabilities of the software systems you rely upon to stay productive can be challenging for both partners and end-users alike. Simply put, if users aren’t fully trained on the applications that are critical to your business, you’re not receiving the full value of your software investment.

However, staying current with the latest features and capabilities of a solution can be challenging. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce Reveille.Enable, a purpose-built learning management system designed specifically for our customers and partners to ensure that they derive the greatest value from their Reveille investment.

The Reveille.Enable learning system features a comprehensive set of on-demand training courses across a range of a topics that are tailored specifically to the most common user groups and roles of the Reveille system. Through this dynamic new learning platform, Reveille partners and customers will realize some of the following benefits:

  • On-Demand Learning: Review the Reveille course catalog at your convenience through a series of curated videos produced by our team of ECM experts. Through these series of videos, users will be able to enrich their understanding of the Reveille solution and quickly apply this knowledge to their own environment.
  • Role-based Training Content: Different roles have different content requirements. As such, we have defined a curriculum that caters to the distinct roles in your organization that will serve to guide users through the courses most relevant to their specific business role.
  • The Latest Enablement Content: As a subscription service, the Reveille.Enable system will automatically be updated to include the latest coursework as its published.
  • Intuitive UI Design: We took great care to design the new Reveille.Enable platform with the end-user in mind and so that the right training content is never more than one-click away.
  • Reporting Made Simple: Easily keep track of which users in your organization have completed their coursework, and which ones are falling behind. Knowledge checks and quizzes are also included to ensure users are retaining key concepts.
  • Flexible & Affordable Pricing: A simple subscription pricing model offers flexibility and cost predictability.

In addition, Reveille.Enable includes four separate programs that are customized for different types of partners as well as two distinct programs for customers. Our initial set of Partner Programs include modules for Marketing, Sales, Solution Engineering, and Professional Services while for customers, there are distinct modules for System Administrators as well as for Business Users.

Interested in learning more about Reveille.Enable? Contact your account manager or watch this brief video overview for more details:

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