Batch processing is crucial for capture systems. It swiftly and accurately handles large data volumes, removing bottlenecks.

Tungsten TotalAgility is one solution. With support for countless tools, features, and apps, it’s known for automating and improving business processes. However, efficient batch processing isn’t easy. It needs the proper foundation of support behind it. 

Reveille offers clear visibility and proactive management of batch processing. It streamlines troubleshooting and fixes to ensure smooth functioning.

Want to reduce downtime, speed up response times and enhance your workflows and capabilities? This guide is for you. 

Let’s unlock the full potential of your capture operations. 

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What is Tungsten TotalAgility?

It’s best to think of Tungsten TotalAgility (TTA) as a digital assistant. It captures and keeps extracted data, organizes information, automates tasks, and analyzes data – all without risking any human errors. It helps businesses run smoothly by automating everyday processes, services and functions.

For example:

  • In a bank, when there is a loan application, it automates gathering details. It then sorts them and moves the application through the approval stages.
  • In insurance, it speeds up claims processing. It does this by checking data, assigning tasks, and updating customers.
  • In manufacturing, it tracks production performance and predicts when it’s needed.

TTA speeds up content-intensive business workflows, reduces errors, and saves time for the organization and its stakeholders. Best of all, this solution allows employees to focus on more important tasks and improves business performance.

What is Batch Processing in Tungsten TotalAgility?

Batch processing is a process that automatically handles documents and data in groups (batches). It’s vital for dealing with large, structured datasets, which are key in businesses with lots of transactional data. 

To further elaborate, here’s how it works:

  1. Document Capture: It automatically grabs documents from scanners, email, and phones.
  2. Data Extraction: It pulls out needed info using OCR and other technologies.
  3. Classification: It sorts documents based on their content and rules.
  4. Validation: It checks the data for accuracy, adding manual checks if needed.
  5. Export: It sends the processed data to ECM systems, databases, or other applications.

Best Practices for Batch Processing Efficiency

Improving batch processing in Tungsten TotalAgility is key for handling large data volumes. Streamlining workflows and optimizing processes lead to quicker, more accurate results. 

Here are some best practices to follow:

1. Automate Document Capture

Use automation to grab documents and data, reducing manual work. Set up workflows to pull documents from emails, fax servers, scanners and any other inputs you use. This process speeds up document processing and lowers errors common in manual, repetitive human work.

2. Use OCR and Advanced Extraction

Advanced analytics technologies use intelligent document processing to speed up data extraction and boost data accuracy. Optical character recognition (OCR) converts images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. 

These technologies help businesses extract details from various document types and process them quickly and accurately.

3. Set Clear Validation Rules

Create strict rules to ensure accurate and complete manual data extraction throughout. These rules check for consistency in manual data extraction, document processing, format, and completion. For example, a rule could be set to ensure that the data entered into a field is the correct data type, format, and length. 

These rules reduce mistakes and the need for manual corrections.

4. Adjust Batch Sizes

Tailoring batch sizes to your system’s capacity and workload is important. Larger batches are more efficient but might slow down systems with low resources. Meanwhile, smaller batches are quicker to process – with less code – but need more frequent handling. Finding the right balance speeds up processing and minimizes delays.

5. Track Performance

Regularly check batch processing performance to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Use metrics and dashboards to monitor processing time, error rates, and resource use. These insights help maintain performance and highlight any issues before they impact processes.

Benefits of Using Reveille for Batch Processing

Efficient batch processing management integration is not as simple as installing a system and letting it do its thing. It needs constant monitoring. 

Reveille is here to make it easier. We offer a single platform to integrate, monitor and manage systems like Tungsten TotalAgility. Take a look at our self-guided product tour of purpose-built management for TTA.

Some key benefits include:

Proactive Issue Detection and Resolution

Imagine having 24/7 monitoring of your ECM environment that alerts you to potential issues before they become problems. Reveille keeps an eye on the entire ECM environment, including Tungsten TotalAgility. It spots issues early to prevent user impact, sends alerts, and offers fixes. This proactive approach helps IT teams maintain high system availability.

Comprehensive Visibility and Insights

Understanding the inner workings and capabilities of your batch processing activities is crucial. Reveille goes deep into the data to reveal performance, user activity, and system health. This insight is key to identifying inefficiencies. It also helps optimize processes for better performance.

Reduced Manual Work

Reveille automates monitoring, task automation and management. This task automation cuts down on manual work to maintain batch processing. It frees up IT teams for more critical tasks and strategic decision-making on projects, boosting overall productivity.

Enhanced Compliance and Security

Keeping your data safe has never been easier. Reveille provides thorough auditing and compliance reports to ensure batch processing meets regulatory and internal rules. It also watches for suspicious activity and security breaches. This secures sensitive data and maintains integrity.

Improved System Performance

Reveille’s advanced monitoring enhances system performance. It finds and fixes bottlenecks and resource issues before they impact wider systems or customers. This leads to faster processing and better efficiency in batch operations.

Boost Your Batch Processing Efficiency Today

Better batch processing is a win-win for businesses. It means happier employees, satisfied customers, cost savings and freed-up resources. 

Using Reveille to improve batch processing for Tungsten TotalAgility might be the best decision for your business operations. 
Ready to see the benefits for yourself? Take a self-guided tour of Reveille for TotalAgility today and discover how enhancing your batch processing with Tungsten TotalAgility can transform your business.